Exp’ODV – “Du mur à la toile” avec Astro//Esty//Kanos

One reply on “Exp’ODV – “Du mur à la toile” avec Astro//Esty//Kanos”

  1. hey =)
    I’m the girl who was on meeting of styles 2009 and I have see how one man of your graffiti-group
    (astro esty or kanos) smiled to me and i smiled back…
    when you dont now who I’am,
    I have brown eyes and long blond hair and I was on the meeting from fr-sunday…
    and I was sitting one day in a dark car with my mother =)
    and I was there with my friends…
    I hope that YOU became the mail and you know who I’am

    I’d like to be glad if you write me back to my email-address and I hope you are the man
    who I mean =)

    Yours faithfully,
    Michelle Monique =D

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