Solo Show Ethos – Intuitions sur le hasard

Born in a favela in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1982 , Claudio Ethos began drawing at an early age with a ballpoint pen , a tool that he will use later for his sketches .
At 15 he goes out into the streets of his city and joins the movement of pixadores the Brazilian crews taggers interested into dangerous and hazardous places .
Unlike his contemporaries Ethos does not lose his attraction for  the design and specializes him self in large wall paintings in black and white representing characters in specific situations challenging the public by emotions that emerge .
Always using the spray cans on the wall without stencil, the precision of his line , and his uncommun style is now recognized worldwide .
Defining himself as existentialist, Ethos workart is at the border between figurative and abstract , most of all the aim of his art is to expresse the current urban ills of a crowded city like Sao Paulo.


Ethos – Intuitions sur le hasard

Du 18 octobre au 20 novembre 2013
Du mercredi au samedi de 14h à 19h

Galerie Itinerrance
7bis, rue René Goscinny
75013 Paris
M° Bibliothèque François Mitterand